Is there a suggested way for Pre-K children to use the app?

MarcoPolo is designed to be used flexibly as a complement to your early childhood curriculum. Children can explore the app independently, following their interests, and they deepen skill learning in an entertaining way with the contextualized learning activities that align to each video adventure. Video adventures are 1-2 minutes long and can be shared with children to guide their learning journey. When you use the Playlist feature you can create a playlist to be shared in school with the whole class, a small group, or individually. You can also send a custom playlist home with the Share Home feature, as a way to engage, enhance, and extend classroom learning. What you choose to share can be based on what you’re currently teaching, to build background knowledge for a topic that you will be teaching, or to connect with a particular child who is interested in a specific topic to nurture their curiosity. What’s really great, is that when you use the Share Home feature, to share playlists with children at home (known as a Class Trip), you can include a personalized recorded video message giving context to the video adventures being shared and creating a unique school to home connection that children and families will love. 

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