Access My Class Code

A class code can be shared to families within a class in order to get them to register for accounts connected to a specific class. This allows for teachers to share personalized videos with students in their class to enjoy at home. 

  1. Start by logging into MarcoPolo For Educators using your login and password.
  2. Click on the “My Class” submenu. 

  1. Click on “Classrooms” and look for “Class Code”. By sharing this class code with the families in your class, they can easily connect to your class with their devices at home. 


4. You can download a printable class code poster by locating the gear icon under Options next to the class code. Clicking "Download poster" will generate the file you can attach to an email or send home as a paper copy to share with families. 




*Others ways to get your families connected with a class code:

  • Print a class code flier and put it on your classroom door
  • Pass out class codes at open house and family nights
  • Send out your class code with weekly newsletters
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